We amortise through benefit and success

We handle business management, technological and entrepreneurial tasks for you with a broad, proven range of services:

The big picture

  • Analysis of business and production processes
  • Evaluation of products, markets and sales activities
  • Identification of value-added potentials, technological advantages and unique selling propositions
  • Conception and calculation of strategies, measures and investments


With a sense of proportion and flair

  • Implementation, controlling and validation of interdisciplinary measures, projects and technology investments
  • Assumption of management tasks and board functions


Advantages and advance

  • Increased transparency and efficiency of projects and processes
  • Increase in quality and quantity in production
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs and delivery times
  • Development and optimisation of technical products, processes and procedures
  • Management of technologies and innovations
  • Building up technological advantages and leads
  • Amortisation of investments
  • Development of entrepreneurial strengths and unique selling propositions
  • Development of new and complementary business and sales fields
  • National and international strengthening of the company

Areas of activity

Automotive industry
Chemical industry
Electrical industry
Food industry
Mechanical and plant engineering
Non-ferrous metal industry
Steel industry

Investment companies
Private Equity

Public authorities
University institutes

Benefits & Goals

Interdisciplinary management to support

  • Technology investments
  • Special machine construction
  • Process optimisation

Evaluation of the current status
Evaluation of perspectives

Assessment and validation of findings and results
Basis for operational and strategic decisions

Adaptation of structures

Development and expansion of business and sales fields

Strengthening the company

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