Good results are satisfied customers

Successful implementation of measures is reflected in the payback.

For this, we work with a sense of proportion, overview and detailed understanding, with a focus on sales growth, margin and cash flow. 

We communicate with figures, data and facts and lead with respect, calmness and tact to sustainable, measurable success.

Payback and sustainability since 1995:

  • Turnaround in the international project business
  • Significant increase in margins through innovations in machine and plant constructionTurnaround im internationalen Projektgeschäft
  • 20% increase in the availability of production plants in the steel industry
  • 30% increase in productivity in production lines in the automotive industry
  • Six-figure cost savings in machine and plant construction
  • Six-figure amortisation of investment after three months of operation
  • seven-figure investment savings in production plants 
  • Innovations and digitalisation, Industry 4.0 / Technology 4.0
  • International property rights and awards

Results & Facts

Efficiency increase
Production increase
Performance increase

Cost reduction
Delivery time reduction

Process transparency

Unique selling points
Technological edge
Optimisation of value creation
Expansion of business areas
Short-term stabilisation of business operations

Turnaround in business operations
Value enhancement of the company


Our best advertisement is your personal recommendation.

We would like to thank you for your trust in our work and our results to realise your ideas and objectives..

Without you we would not be here.


„You fulfilled your tasks reliably, carefully, with commitment, competently and over four years always to our complete satisfaction. You met our requirements and expectations in the best possible way, for which I would like to thank you again.“

Chairman of the Board thyssenkrupp (steel industry)


„You responsibly developed and handled interdisciplinary projects, structured complex sales topics, developed business fields, worked out potentials and unique selling points, developed concepts for structuring and created bases for increasing efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs and delivery times. We would like to thank them for their consistently good two years of support.“

Managing partner (mechanical and plant engineering)


„You have always fulfilled your managerial responsibility and your strategic, systematic and structured approach over a period of twelve years to our complete satisfaction and met our requirements and expectations in the best possible way. We have greatly appreciated and acknowledged your three years of guidance in interdisciplinary committees.“

Board of a research institute (RWTH Aachen)

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